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Andy Wahlberg - Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights
Harp Guitarist/Humorist - www.harpguitarguy.com
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"When a six foot seven inch guy walks up to you and says he wants to play his "harp-guitar" at your place every week, you listen. And we did. (never heard of a "harp-guitar?" Neither had we.) And we've been listening ever since."

“…a breath of fresh air. Listening to him perform is a guitarists delight.” --Peter Roth / The Ithica Times

“Walberg’s show…(is)…guileless, spirited, nervey and infectious…(he) takes the crowd on a joyride.” --Frazier Moore / The Atlanta Constitution

“ Wahlberg is a born showman…with songs of humor and humanity, and a stage presents bigger than life.” --Liz Bumiller / The Miami Herald