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Chuck Jobes- Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights
Chuck has been a part of the Naples music scene for about as long as we can remember. Playing in all the glitzy hotel lobbies, private clubs and fine dining establishments around town. We’re so happy to have him roll up his sleeves and join us for some musical fun and games at the Old Naples Pub for a change. Chuck brings a bit of class to the old place, plus a whole bunch of humor and he’s undoubtedly one of the best entertainers in Naples. He’s a true world-class talent. We hope you enjoy him!

Before landing in Naples, Chucks experience in the entertainment biz includes his membership with The New Colony Six, which led to chart topping hits and national tours with headliners such as The Beach Boys, The Association, Steppenwolf, Muddy Waters and John Denver. Chuck became well known in the Chicago supper Club scene, leading to a successful career as a single performer.

Andy Wahlberg - Wednesday and Sunday Nights
Harp Guitarist/Humorist - www.harpguitarguy.com
SEE VIDEO - click here

"When a six foot seven inch guy walks up to you and says he wants to play his "harp-guitar" at your place every week, you listen. And we did. (never heard of a "harp-guitar?" Neither had we.) And we've been listening ever since."

“…a breath of fresh air. Listening to him perform is a guitarists delight.” --Peter Roth / The Ithica Times

“Walberg’s show…(is)…guileless, spirited, nervey and infectious…(he) takes the crowd on a joyride.” --Frazier Moore / The Atlanta Constitution

“ Wahlberg is a born showman…with songs of humor and humanity, and a stage presents bigger than life.” --Liz Bumiller / The Miami Herald